Kitchen Worktops

Below are just a handful of images which demonstrate what we can do with some of the current worktop options.

To go with the huge range of kitchen door and carcase combinations we can offer our customers we offer a wide range of worktop options. Obviously there’s the tried and tested laminate worktops and they’re still one of the preferred options largely down to the fact that they’re so cost effective, but there’s also a huge range of colours available.

However with an increasing number of kitchen sales and installations we are supplying solid surface worktops which are very minimal which is in keeping with the way the European kitchen market going style wise. They are also incredibly durable but without the price tag of granite or quartz which require a specialist fabrication and installation team. The solid surface tops can be installed more easily and can also be cut and fabricated on site allowing for curved finishes, undermount sinks and routed draining grooves.

We now also offer a range of ultra thin 12.5mm solid laminate worktops which can look stunning with the right contemporary kitchen. Much like the solid surface tops being 100% waterproof they allow for undermount sink installations as well as being a cost effective alternative to natural stone.






A small selection of finishes available from one of our laminate worktop ranges.