After 26 years in the business we can supply an extensive range of baths, in sizes varying from 1200 x 700mm up to some which are over 2m in length.

Today baths are manufactured from a wide range of materials, cast iron, enameled steel, acrylic, artificial stone/solid surfaces, wood and copper.


Bathroom Accessories

All great works of art should be hung on the wall. Our large range of accessories is no exception. All of unrivaled quality and many coordinating seamlessly with some ranges of taps and showers. We also offer an extensive range of freestanding floor mounted accessories.


Bathroom Furniture

One of the most common problems with bathrooms today is the lack of storage space available for towels, toilet rolls, cleaning products etc. Fitted furniture is often seen as a luxury only suitable for larger bathrooms. However with the help of the latest designs and our expertise it is possible to incorporate furniture into even the smallest of rooms including small downstairs cloakrooms.


Bath Panels

Our range of contemporary panels uses the latest in modern materials and designer thinking to complement your bathroom and create that distinctive look. On the other hand we also supply a wide range of traditional wood effect or solid timber panels which would be better suited to the more traditional style of bathroom. Of course there is always the option to fit a more conventional acrylic or white gloss MDF based bath panel if you need something simple, tidy and cost effective.


Bath Screens

A useful product for those who do not have a separate showering facility. The use of bath screens lends additional flexibility for us to be able to provide designs and installations to suit modern family life. Here we demonstrate some examples of our ranges. The use of bath screens enables us to combine the enjoyment of a long soothing soak with the invigoration and convenience of a shower


Bathroom Suites

We are able to offer a massive range of bathroom suites in modern, traditional and designer styles. The vast range of product available to us enables us to produce solutions for even the most difficult and restricted bathrooms. In many cases our intention is to help our customers to create an atmosphere in which they can enjoy a moment of peaceful tranquility to soothe away the stress of modern living or to stimulate and invigorate them ready for the day ahead.


Bathroom Taps

When selecting a range of taps for our customers we must always be mindful of their supply system. Yet another reason to call in to our showrooms at Gloucester to discuss these details. Unfortunately too few companies selling these products appear to be aware of the potential complications that can be caused by these issues.


Bathroom Cabinets & Mirrors

Bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors provide convenient storage. Additional features include, LED lights, shaver points, clocks, demister pads, soft close doors and infra red switches. Create that additional ‘wow factor’ by including a new stylish mirror. Whether a traditional or contemporary style of bathroom there is always a suitable mirror. As with cabinets features include back lighting, LED lights, heated demister pads, toothbrush/shaver sockets, clocks, and infra red switching. We can also have mirrors made to whatever size and style our customer requires.


Heated Towel Rails

Whether you are looking for a neat looking wall mounted heated towel rail which will sit their quietly warming the room and airing the towels whilst you soak in the bath -Or you may require a bold contemporary design with that added ‘wow factor’ to complement you bathroom – Alternatively you may need something in a more traditional style which may be more in keeping with your particular room setting. Whatever the choice there is a style for you.


Bathroom Lighting

We have achieved some really striking effects in our installations with some of our bathroom lighting. Recessed low voltage ceiling lights still tend to be the most popular option, however customers will ask us to construct bespoke shelving or niches with thin LED lighting which create some stunning effects. We have also used much more subtle and subdued lighting using dimmers and candle style lights to create that womb like cocoon of warmth where you can ease your cares away. We have installed several quite uniquely lit displays in our extended Gloucester showroom to help give customers different ideas.


Shower Enclosures

Because of the vast range of products available to us, it is another situation where it is best to visit us at one of our showrooms. We find it a distinct advantage to have the dimensions of the area in question, this enables us to propose the optimum solution. As with a lot of our work the final decision on a product is influenced by our customers aspirations, budget, room configuration, pipework restrictions and structural constraints. Don’t worry, with the benefit of our experience and enormous range of enclosures we will always produce a solution to please our customers.


Shower Mixer Valves

Essentially a delivery mechanism for water. We offer a wide range of various types of shower. Here is just a small selection of showers which are available to solve our customers requirements – Manual mixers – Thermostatic mixers – Bath/Shower mixers (both manual and thermostatic) – Electric showers. Selecting the correct shower system can be quite involved and is yet another reason to visit us at our Gloucester  showroom to benefit from our years of experience.


Shower Trays

As with a lot of product we sell we need to ask all the right questions to ensure we supply the product that is required. Whether it is size, shape, floor mounted, raised, dimensions and even colour. We only sell good quality rigid trays, never cheap basic acrylic trays.


Steam Cabinets

Possibly the ultimate in bathroom indulgence, the modern design of today’s steam cabinets provide powerful steam generators and advanced water level control. Many cabinets include features such as a radio, body jets, variable shower heads, foot massagers, mood lighting, extractor fans, and even phone, modem and mp3 connections. Sizes can vary from 950 x 950mm quadrants up to 1450 x 900 enclosures.


Tiles, Wall Panels & Wall Cladding

The choice of tile and in particular the quality of the tiling can ‘make or break’ a bathroom installation. Bikini Bathrooms offers a wide selection of tiles some at a significant discount because we buy large quantities. We have been selling and installing tiles for 26 years so we feel well qualified to advise on colour and /or design.


Toilet Seats

Seats are made from a wide range of materials including, thermoset plastic, wood, veneered MDF and polypropylene. The majority of which are supplied with good quality non corrosive hinges sometimes stainless steel. Alot of the thermoset acrylic seats in particular are supplied with soft close hinges and an anti bacterial coating such as miroban, which make then ideal for any family home where small children are using the bathroom.


Underfloor Heating

For an individual room such as a bathroom the most cost effective method of installation of underfloor heating has got to be the electric cable system. The efficiency of such a system as with all types of heating is dependent on the thermal efficiency of the structure. However a guide to cost of operating such a system would be 0.62 pence per square metre per hour. Since the exposed floor area of bathrooms tends to be relatively small the running costs are very reasonable, ie a 4m2 floor area would cost 20p for 8 hours.



Whirlpool baths are fitted with a system of jets, circulating pipework and a pump. The system re-circulates the existing water, via the pump, through the jets which can be of a fixed or variable direction. The force of the flow through the jets is also variable and is controlled by a dial or digital pad depending on the type of system. A good quality whirlpool system will have health and safety features the most important being fully draining pipework, which prevents the build up of bacteria in stagnant water left in the system. In fact as well as fully draining pipework, our best selling range of whirlpools also has a special coating on the inside of the pipes which is specifically designed to kill bacteria.

Bathroom Products

As a family business we have been involved in supplying, designing and installing bathrooms for over 30 years. During that time we have been able to build up a portfolio of products to cater for any requirement or budget. Acting like a bathroom broker we ask our customer’s what they need and then go into the marketplace to shop around to get the best value for money package available.

From our extensive showroom here in Gloucester we can offer a huge range of products. Everything from a basic budget bathroom suite to the latest in wetroom technology.

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